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Silver Lake Association Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Silver Lake Association shall be to protect and improve the environmental quality of Silver Lake and its watershed, and the quality of life around the lake (recreational, commercial, industrial, and social).

Events and News Around Silver Lake

So It Begins!

The April 2019 SLA meeting is in the books. Our Spring newsletter, Water Quality presentation, The October 2018 Minutes Summary, and the Silver Serpent Triathlon report are now available for your viewing. We are going to have a very busy season and you are all welcome to come along. The SLA Membership drive will begin May 11th, 2019. Be sure to get your SLA Directory for information on all the activities in our community. Have a safe and enjoyable season! Be informed, involved, and care.

Attention Silver Lake Ice Fishermen

A communication from Perry Public Works. Please pass this on to all ice fisherman (and women!).

Hi, Mark Hope all is well with you, Just Checking in to give you an update on what’s happening With the lake. Due to the pleasant temperatures we have had the last few days, a lot of the snow has melted. I anticipated that and I opened the gate before hand and we are okay but my concern is for the ice fisherman. The gate is open full and I may have to keep it that way for the weekend. Please inform any fishermen that you may know of about this because moving water along with our temperature will thaw the ice faster. I will be monitoring the lake level closely.

Get ready for the SLA 2019 Season

April 13th, 2019 will be the first SLA Board meeting of the 2019 season. Under the tab of “Schedule” click on for all the other dates for the 2019 year. All meetings, unless otherwise noted, will be held at the Club at Silver Lake starting at 9 am.

Ice Fishing Tournaments Info

go to   and there you can find Everything under the sun . Full archives of outdoors content . There is also @ the BN called The Fishing Beat / By Bill Hilts Jr. He might be you go to guy

Solar Farm coming to Castile, NY

Information that was shared by a couple of SL Residents. TY for sharing.

Today’s Batavia Daily News reports:

CASTILE — A planned 24.99 megawatt solar facility is among 20 renewable energy projects set to receive $1.5 billion in state funding.
Silver Lake Solar is a project by Geronimo Energy of Minneapolis, Minn. It will produce 24.99 megawatts of electricity and encompass about 175 acres on the Faryna farm property off Route 39 south of the village of Perry, according to state and county officials.
“We’re supportive of it,” said Town Supervisor Keith Granger on Wednesday. “It should bring some benefits to the town.”
The funding was announced by the The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority in the aftermath of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2019 State of the State Address. State officials said the projects will generate $4 billion in direct investment in the clean energy sector and will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Geronimo has been working with local community members, said company spokeswoman Lindsay T. Smith in an emailed response to questions. It’s estimated construction and operations will start in 2021.
The electricity generated would go into the general grid.
“The project plans to interconnect into an adjacent utility substation, and similar to any home or business, will require installation of some additional electrical equipment to safely inject the power generated into the grid,” Smith said. “The final electrical design will be dependent upon an interconnection study that is currently underway.”
Besides generating electricity, the project will also pose benefits for the town and Wyoming County.
A Payment In Lieu of Taxes plan will be developed with the Wyoming County Industrial Development Agency, said Director William Daly of the county’s Planning and Development department. The resulting funds will benefit the town, county and surrounding school district.
Geronimo Energy renewable energy development company whose satellite offices include a location in New York.
The firm has developed more than 2,200 megawatts of wind and solar projects that are either in operation or currently under construction. Silver Lake Solar marks the third NYSERDA REC contract awarded to Geronimo, totaling nearly 65 MW to date, Smith said.
Additionally, Geronimo’s New York renewable energy development portfolio of over 300 MW is poised to provide millions of dollars of investment and tax revenue to the state.
A key part of Geronimo’s development philosophy is the notion of “farmer-friendly”, which means that Geronimo develops projects that are not only community-driven, but also economic drivers for local host communities, Smith said.

Why is this the first we have heard about this? “The installation of some additional electric equipment “ that may be required is very vague. While solar is generally less intrusive on the landscape than wind power and can allow for preservation of open space, it would seem that there should be some input by residents in this process. What does the SLA know?

Ice fishing on Silver Lake

To all that are interested. Here is some information from the SLA…
There is a FREE State Wide fishing weekend on February 16 & 17 . As of today’s (1/24) Buffalo newspaper there is 5″-6″ of ice @ SL and decent reports of fish have been coming in.. We had a lot of rain over weekend so things could change. Dress for the weather and enjoy… you might like it .
Fishing is Great!
Randy S.

2019 SLA Directory

Time is running out to get your pictures and articles in, to Conolly Printing, for the 2019 SLA directory. Contact the SLA or your tract director for contact information. Have a fun and safe winter, see you in Spring!

Ice Fishing on Silver Lake

The past few days the ice fishing on Silver Lake, Perry NY is on. With the cold temps this weekend I am sure we can say it’s a go. Good luck, have fun and be safe!


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Updating our Website

In the next few weeks the SLA will be updating pages on our website. We apologize for any inconvenience to you. We are hoping to add beneficial links and enjoyable pictures of lake life for you to enjoy.

If anyone would like to send in comments of what you would like us to include on our site, please contact the SLA or send in comments through this website. Thank you for your continuous support of SLA and C.L.E.A.N. (Citizen Led Environmental Action Network) Information is available on this site. Donations to C.L.E.A.N. are tax deductible.

Silver Lake Public Beach Project Approved

Dear Friends,
You may know the good news but if not – I wanted to share that the village has been awarded $300,000 through the EPF grant program to support the Village Beach project.  I write both to share the news and also my gratitude for your support of the application. We had such broad-based support – over 25 letters written! The project’s support by our county leaders, our lake leaders and neighbors, our school, town and village leaders, by local families, by arts organizations and advocates, small businesses, and economic development partners all played a crucial role in conveying the importance of this project. 
Our state representatives did everything in their power, and Senator Gallivan’s endorsement of the regional significance of this free public access to Silver Lake through his recommendation of the $150,000 SAM grant we were awarded last year, helped to bring home the point.
You sent a strong signal about the local and the regional significance of this project and you took time out on short notice – always the way with grants – to learn about the vision and provide your support.
Even while we’ve been waiting, we haven’t been waiting! The Village hired a design firm this summer who have been working with a fabulous steering committee that has broad representation and knowledge. The team just finished schematic design for the beach. If you didn’t see it at the open house last month, the village will soon be posting it at our website.
So now we can fine tune it based on final funding (we had requested $500,000) and move efficiently into construction drawings this spring.
Thanks again – the time you took and the results it has brought is one more proof that Perry is a YES community!

____________________________Rick Hauser, MayorVillage of Perry

Graphical Interface for SL Temperature

The SLA with the help from Karl Hanafin created a nice graphical interface for the temperature sensor at Silver Lake.  Click on the URL.—station-1

The SLA’s New Invasive Species Disposal Station is now available

disposal stations 009 (640x360)Roland Beck, from the State Park’s Office at Letchworth, and the SLA WQ Committee worked together to make available this very important disposal station.   This will help alleviate the possibility of invasive species being transported into Silver Lake or from Silver Lake to another body of water.    The Invasive Disposal Station is installed at the State Public Launch at the South west end of Silver Lake.  Let us all do our part and use this valuable tool.

Welcome to Silver Lake, Wyoming County New York

Welcome to the Silver Lake Association Website.  Silver Lake is located in Western New York, one hour Southeast of Buffalo NY, or one hour South of Rochester NY.  Our 3 mile long lake is great for fishing and boating around the 7 mile stretch of it’s shorelines and watershed.  On our website you will find events happening on and around Silver Lake, in our towns and villages of Perry and Castile, places of interest (ex. Letchworth State Park – 10 minutes away) and contact information. As our mission statement says, our organization of dedicated and passionate volunteers are here to keep Silver Lake Clean, safe, and beautiful for the present and for generations to come.  Thank you for stopping in and hope you come and visit… if you don’t live or vacation here already! 

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