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Silver Lake Association Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Silver Lake Association shall be to protect and improve the environmental quality of Silver Lake and its watershed, and the quality of life around the lake (recreational, commercial, industrial, and social).

Events and News Around Silver Lake

The summer season is almost here!

The summer season is almost here. We just need the weather to cooperate and the swimming and boating fun begins. Here are a few links to make sure it will be safe for all. Enjoy the summer, have fun, we hope to see you on the lake!  The links are also included on the “Links” tab.…/boating/documents/NYSBoatersGuide.pdf

Another successful SLA meeting

Over 40 people attended our May meeting.  All the Guest Speakers were prepared to answer all the thought provoking questions on Water Quality issues.  The attendees were educated on invasive species, updated news on the Silver Lake Trail, activities the SLA WQ Committee are involved with in 2017, having stewardship volunteer committee checking boats before and after entering our lake at launch sites, and DEC projects with the agricultural community to help the health of Silver Lake.  Our meetings are always better with desserts!

Also pictured is a theme tray basket.  We are asking for donations for our Golf Tournament (details on our FB Page).  We are hoping for at least 25 donated basket for our raffle July 29, 2017 at the Club on Silver Lake!  All are invited to participate.

A garbage issue was brought to our attention.  People on certain private roads have designated areas to put their trash for trash pick-up.  If the garbage is put out too early it gives animals plenty of opportunity to make an undesirable mess.  Please be vigilant and work with your neighbors if you can not put your trash out no more than 24 hours before pick-up day.  Thank you for helping with this issue.  Keep Silver Lake and it’s community clean.

Our next meeting is June 10, we will not have guest speakers at this meeting.

Sailing on Silver Lake is Gearing Up!

Here is a note from Jim Aker:

Hello all,

Happy Friday, another sailing season looms ahead. I hope I did not forget anyone on this e mail. I know Jeff has a hard time with his e mail so I will personally call him. By the way I believe he is ready for the launching.
I thought I would get an e mail out so everyone starts to think about sailing a bit. I believe we all start to open the cottages around Memorial day so I guess that starts our season too.
What thoughts do all of you have on how we should get organized for the summer? If you could give it some thought and copy everyone on your ideas and e mail them out, might be a good way to start some conversation. I am in favor of Saturday morning 9-12 to be our time on the lake and maybe one evening as well. I know Mick suggested last year a night/moon light cruising event may be fun. Take a few days and get your thoughts out to everyone soon.
I asked the reporter for the Warsaw paper if she would be interested in another update /article to write up. She was excited about helping us out and maybe showing up to take pictures and a cruise. More to follow on that later.
My main goal this year is to reach out to as many people as possible to join the Silver Lake Sailing Club. Seasoned sailors, newbie’s past sailor’s who sailed here before etc.. So if you know anyone who might be interested let’s reach out and invite them to join us. I would like to see 5 new boats/members by the end of the year participating. The kids need to learn too, keep them in mind….Comments please!
I spoke with Rick at the club he is more than willing to help us in anyway, ” the club is open to us”
There are slips available.
looking forward hearing from everyone soon,
Jim Aker

FYI – Fertilize the correct way

Spring is here (I think!) and everyone is getting their properties ready to look beautiful for all to see. Please be mindful while wanting your lawns and flowers to look beautiful, do the correct way to keep our lake healthy!
Copy or click on this link to your browser to learn more.

Batavia news helps to promote SLA Meeting/Guest Speakers

Relationship between government and public topic of upcoming SLA meeting

Daily News file photo
Dredging of the Silver Lake outlet will be a discussion topic at an upcoming meeting.
 SILVER LAKE — The Silver Lake Association is encouraging attendance at its next public meeting.

The group will host an event titled “Planning, Funding, and Executing Public Projects: A Discussion with Government Agencies and Community Groups about Silver Lake, N.Y.” It’s set for 9 to 10 a.m. on May 13 at the Club at Silver Lake.

The goal is to address issues at Silver Lake and find ways they can be tackled.

“Were just hoping to get people excited about all the different things that people are working to do,” said Kelly Paganelli an SLA member. “We were hoping to continue a discussion about what governments and communities can do working together to get some changes going.”

The group specifically hopes to address including dredging of the lake, promoting native species planting and generally keeping the water healthy.

“We’re trying to do all of those things and I think it’s going to take a lot of us doing a lot of little things, and hopefully we’ll make a difference,” Paganelli said.

The event will be moderated by Andrea Locke of the Western New York Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management. It will feature Frank Bright, a Professor at the University at Buffalo and co-chair of the SLA Water Quality committee.

Other featured speakers will include Jacquie Billings, a Village of Perry trustee and owner of the Hole in the Wall restaurant; Brittney Roggers of the New York Sea Grant; and John Whitney, a USDA district conservationist.

Each presenter will give a five minute presentation on projects between governments, community organization and private citizens.

Paganelli said that the SLA will present the information again at a later date at the Charcoal Corral for those who could not attend this meeting.

The event is free. Send an RSVP to:

For more information, contact Paganelli at (585) 624-7805.

DEC Encourages Homeowners to Practice Sustainable Lawn Care

DEC Encourages Homeowners to Practice Sustainable Lawn Care to Protect State Waterbodies

DEC launches “Look for the Zero” campaign to urge homeowners to purchase phosphorus-free lawn fertilizer

To protect water quality this spring, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today is urging New Yorkers to practice sustainable lawn care by going phosphorus free, using native plants and grasses, and reducing fertilizer use. DEC has launched the “Look for the Zero” campaign to encourage New Yorkers to purchase phosphorus-free lawn fertilizer, as more than 100 water bodies in New York State cannot be used or enjoyed as a result of too much phosphorus.

“The actions New Yorkers take in their backyards can have a big impact on the environment. By choosing sustainable lawn care, homeowners are helping protect water quality and public health,” said DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos. “Excess phosphorous is causing problems in many New York waterbodies, making them unusable for swimming, fishing, or as a source of drinking water. I urge residents to ‘look for the zero’ and buy phosphorous-free fertilizer this spring. By eliminating phosphorus and reducing pesticide use on lawns, New Yorkers can play an important role in addressing water quality impairments across the state.”

New York’s nutrient runoff law prohibits the use of phosphorus lawn fertilizers unless a new lawn is being established or a soil test shows that the lawn does not have enough phosphorus.

Generally, only newly established lawns or those with poor soil need phosphorus. Phosphorus applied to lawns that don’t need it will not be used and can cause water pollution. Regardless of the location, excess phosphorus from lawns can wash off and pollute lakes and streams, harming fish and ruining boating and swimming.

Consumers should review bag labels for phosphorus content when shopping for fertilizer. Fertilizer labels have three bold numbers. The number in the middle is the percentage of phosphorus in the product, such as: 22-0-15. The state’s law requires retailers to display phosphorus fertilizer separately from phosphorus-free fertilizer and post signs notifying customers of the terms of the law.

Homeowners have several options to practice more sustainable lawn care. DEC encourages homeowners to choose native plants and grasses, which are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions. These plant species provide nectar, pollen, and seeds that serve as food for native butterflies, insects, birds, and other animals.

Organic lawn care can easily be implemented on any lawn. Safe and effective alternatives exist for most chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Organic lawn care treatments promote deep root systems, natural photosynthesis, and longer grass growth. Visit DEC’s Sustainable Landscaping web page to learn more.

Additional recommendations for sustainable lawn care include spreading a quarter inch of compost on the lawn to improve moisture retention and soil texture and add beneficial microorganisms and nutrients. Another suggestion is to allow grass to grow to three inches and then cut no more than one inch off the top. This is the “one-third” rule and helps to develop a deeper root system, which is a natural defense against weeds, disease and drought. Visit DEC’s Lawn Care web page for more information.

DEC also encourages homeowners to leave lawn clippings on the yard in order to improve the health of the lawn. Grass clippings are 80 percent water and contain 2- 4 percent nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other nutrients. Leaving clippings also saves homeowners time while mowing and reduces the amount of garbage thrown out. Grass clippings can account for as much as 10 percent of garbage.

DEC has posted a new video (“Look for Zero Phosphorus Lawn Fertilizer”)(link leaves DEC’s website) to its YouTube channel that shows how phosphorus and other chemicals can run off lawns and enter our waterways. For more information, visit DEC’s Lawn Fertilizer web page.

The nutrient runoff law does not affect agricultural fertilizer or fertilizer for gardens.

SLA April meeting

Our first meeting of the year is now in the books. April 8, 2017 had 23 attendees! The season is early and we held the meeting at the Perry-Warsaw Airport in a nice cozy room with heat and bathrooms! Our May 13, 2017 meeting will be held at the regular location, The Club on Silver Lake Restaurant. More info pertaining to our May guest speaker(s) will be available soon.

SLA May Meeting

Save this date: May 13, 2017
The SLA May meeting will have guest speakers Andrea Locke, WNY PRISM Coordinator, Frank Bright, SUNY Distinguished Professor (SLA WQ Chairperson), Jacquie Billings Barlow, Village of Perry Trustee, Brittney Roggers, Watercraft Inspection Program Leader, NY Sea Grant, and John Whitney District Conservationist, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.
Our presentation is titled “Planning, Funding, and Executing Public Projects: A Discussion with Government Agencies and Community Groups about Silver Lake, NY”.
All interested members are welcome to attend. The presentation begins at 9 AM and will last about one hour. The meeting is held at The Club on Silver Lake Restaurant (second floor).

Silver Lake Outlet Testing

If you happened to see this sight on your walk by the outlet, you witnessed the taking of samples for the dredging process. The village of Perry approved the go ahead with this project. We will keep you updated as new developments occur.

April 2017 WQ Report

A presentation for the 2017 WQ Report is now available on our website. (Water Quality tab).

Silver Lake Trail Concept Board

The link on the WQ Presentation tab titled Trail concepts will attach you to the SLT concept presentation Prepared by Barton & Loguidice, DPC  for the village of Perry, town of Perry, and the town of Castile which are all working together to make this vision possible.  This will present a visual of the trail, Perry Public Beach, and a possible nature trail at the south end of Silver Lake.

Metered Drinking Water alert from Town of Castile

For the residents in the Town of Castile that have metered water.  “Alert” attached and the link is also on the WQ page.


2016 CSLAP Report for Silver Lake

This report is now available on the Water quality tap of this website.  There is a summary page available so you do not have to read the whole report.

Silver Lake Dredging News

Click on this link to read an article from the Daily News about a dredging project in Silver Lake.

Letters from residents are available on the “Dredging” tab of this website.  If any Silver Lake resident would like to write a letter to their local elected official concerning dredging, contact the SLA.

DEC Regulations for Docks

Information on the DEC regulations of docks in the Region 9 area are available clicking on this link.  The link is available on the Water Quality tab of this website.

2017 SLA Winter Newsletter

The 2017 winter newsletters have been mail out to our membership.  If you are a member of the SLA and did not receive your copy please contact the SLA to update your information.  There is now a copy on our website available in a printed PDF format.

Silver Lake Water District News

Passing on this information…

Silver Lake Institute Water System TTHM Letter from Town of Castile_12-30-16

Click on the link, click the smaller page & it will expand to a legible size.

Silver Lake Trail Update Link

For the Silver Lake residents interested in the progress and information pertaining to the Silver Lake Trail, please click on this link provided by the SL Trail Committee.

New Articles on the Website

Eight new Chapters of the SLA History have been added to the History stories.  The September Minute summary was included on the SLA Minutes page.  The October Minutes will be added soon.

The Season is winding down and the SLA thanks you for your continued support.  We are always looking for new people to be involved with new ideas and energy.  Please contact Mark Emmerson through this website’s Contact Form.

Silver Lake “Invasive Species Report” 2016

Attached is a report from WNY PRISM (Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management) on a study conducted in Silver Lake earlier this year.  This will also be included on our Water Quality page when this post is deleted.

Silver Lake Invasive Species Report (1)

Water Quality Reports

The SLA Water Quality page now has the 2015 CSLAP and water quality reports.  Just click on the links provided on the Water Quality page of this site.

New Water Quality Information

A new presentation “Myths of Silver Lake” put together by the SLA WQ Committee is now available for viewing.  If you missed this presentation at the May 14th, 2016 meeting, you will want to take the time to view this information. Find the click on link on the Water Quality tab.

Also added to the SLA meeting minutes is the April 9th, 2016 Summary.

Thank you for your interest and viewing the Silver Lake Association website.  Also find us on FB.

SLA Merchandise now Available all year round

Take a look at our new SLA Merchandise page on this website.  We have new pictures and prices are included.  These well made shirts, sweatshirts and hats would make a great gift for any occasion.  Contact Joe and get your merchandise before it is all gone.  If there is something you want and it is not in stock, we will order it just for you.

The SLA’s New Invasive Species Disposal Station is now available

disposal stations 009 (640x360)Roland Beck, from the State Park’s Office at Letchworth, and the SLA WQ Committee worked together to make available this very important disposal station.   This will help alleviate the possibility of invasive species being transported into Silver Lake or from Silver Lake to another body of water.    The Invasive Disposal Station is installed at the State Public Launch at the South west end of Silver Lake.  Let us all do our part and use this valuable tool.

Q&A Regarding Open Burning

Visit the Department of Environmental Conservation for details about burning:

Welcome to Silver Lake, Wyoming County New York

Welcome to the Silver Lake Association Website.  Silver Lake is located in Western New York, one hour Southeast of Buffalo NY, or one hour South of Rochester NY.  Our 3 mile long lake is great for fishing and boating around the 7 mile stretch of it’s shorelines and watershed.  On our website you will find events happening on and around Silver Lake, in our towns and villages of Perry and Castile, places of interest (ex. Letchworth State Park – 10 minutes away) and contact information. As our mission statement says, our organization of dedicated and passionate volunteers are here to keep Silver Lake Clean, safe, and beautiful for the present and for generations to come.  Thank you for stopping in and hope you come and visit… if you don’t live or vacation here already! 

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