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April SLA Meeting Cancelled

The April 11, 2020 SLA is cancelled. The May 9, 2020 meeting TBA. Please keep informed by following the Silver Lake Association Facebook page for announcements and updates during the Coronavirus time period. Stay safe and Healthy.

Silver Lake Association Board

Silver Serpent Triathlon Right Around the Corner

Bert Gallmon, CEO of the Silver Serpent Triathlon asked us for assistance getting the word out to as many people of the “Lake District” as possible. We are looking for help (volunteers) for the Triathlon.

Good Evening Friends,    I am writing to you to introduce all of you together, as we are in need of some volunteer help.  Jessica is handling all of the volunteers and I know Mark and Dick you have mentioned that you might be able to help, so here we are asking for some help.  
For the Serpent we need ideally about 110 folks to realistically keep people safe not only on the water, but on the roads.  I have all of the Police and Sheriffs all set for some of the intersections.  We also have a local to us Boy Scouts Group, some close friends and about 10 kayakers so far, but that is not enough.
I hope this connection will help spur some discussion, and we are adding a little extra for groups that come to help us that Jessica can explain further.  
Thank you for all of the support and the offers to help with this event.  As of right now we are about 53 ahead of last year, so we will have about 220 athletes this year, which is amazing!!!! 
Thank you again. 
Bert Gallmon CEO

Streamside Buffers

We are happy to inform you that the 2020 Conservation Seedling Program is under way.  Attached is the 2020 order form for your review.  You can also find the order form, plant descriptions and additional information on our website at:  www.ecswcd.org.  You can click on the order form link on the homepage or use the “Tree and Shrub” link on the left side of the homepage.  We are not able to accept orders through the website or by email; orders with payment must be mailed to or dropped-off at our office in East Aurora by the order deadline. Please keep in mind that the District reserves a limited amount of plant stock from its growers – order early for best results.

October Meeting

While it was the last SLA meeting of the season, the duties continue. A winter newsletter is being prepared, files are being organized and the 2020 SLA Directory will be put together. Don’t forget to send in your awesome photos of all the fun on Silver Lake this past year.
After taking a small break for the holidays, we begin to prepare for next year. Thanks to all for your continued support, dedication, and to our volunteers for their time spent for the good of our great Lake Community.
Pictured is the final group attendance of the 2019 season! A short summary of this years activities, projects, and Guest Speakers is also attached.
Looking forward to seeing you in 2020 and for your continued support. Have a wonderful fall and winter season.

Summary of the 2019 SLA season

September SLA Meeting

Editorial from the SLA President… 
(please take the time to read)
The SLA FB page and website are good resources to communicate to lake residents that have an interest in the activities and Water Quality information that affect all of us that use Silver Lake in one way or another. Our monthly meeting is the best way for a two way conversation and getting information first hand.
The SLA 2019 Annual meeting took the time to share “The Year in Review” of WQ projects, events, and future goals of Silver Lake. Your membership and support is at work to benefit our lake and properties. 
***SLA and C.L.E.A.N. partnering with; Perry High School students and Todd Shuskey Perry CSD Science Teacher, SUNY Geneseo, DEC, PAgES partnered with SUNY Buffalo, Wy Co Soil & Water, & local farmers all work together to continue the 58 year tradition of caring for Silver Lake.
***New, “away from the lake” and “near lake” planting projects that are supplemented by the money raised by the WQ Golf Tournament are being approved and implemented.
***SLA & C.L.E.A.N. are working together along with the local municipalities, Wy. Co. and the DEC, to move forward to approve the dredging project of the outlet and north end of Silver Lake. This is VERY important for the health of our lake.
***The Perry Public Beach and Silver Lake Trail projects are in progress.
***New equipment is being purchased to enhance our data collecting capabilities for studies and information.
All of these subjects will be discussed at the Saturday, September 14th, 2019 meeting with elected officials, business representatives, and involved organizations. Come be part of this very important informational meeting that affects the whole Silver Lake District. The meeting is held at The Club at Silver Lake Restaurant (upstairs meeting rm.) 9 AM. All are encouraged to attend. Ask your neighbors and friends that may not have the opportunity to use FB and the SLA Website to attend and be involved. TY

July 2019 SLA Meeting

What a busy July it has been and it is only half over! 
Our July 13th meeting shared information with the 32 in attendance from the 2 guest speakers, Joseph Kirisits, Boat Steward at the State Public Launch on Silver Lake, and Bob Blauers, Remax Reality. 
Joseph explained his duties that help benefit Silver Lake by watching, inspecting, and educating boaters using the state launch, on the transfer of water invasive species that can be transported from other bodies of water to our lake. Bob talked about the comparisons of Silver Lake to other lakes in the region. He commented on how fortunate we are to have such a active Water Quality Committee and our quality of life on this lake proves that. He also gave a very informative talk on this years assessments.
The SLA Committees than gave their reports. The water Quality report can be found on the SLA website. Our Boat Parade went on as planned. Though the rain dampened the ride, it did not dampen the spirits of the entries of the parade. The fireworks on the 3rd were amazing and the tradition of the Ring of Fire was awesome. 
The SLA Water Quality Golf Tournament will be held at the SL Golf Course July 27th. 
A few team openings are still available. Our committee is still looking for basket donations for our raffle. All are welcome to by tickets the day of the tournament. Winners do not need to be present to win!
Our August 10th meeting is open to all and we encourage lakers to come and be informed! Open to All!

Bob Blauers Remax Reality
Joseph Kirisits Boat Steward and the SLA WQ Team

New DEC Website to Report Algae Blooms

To all Silver Lake Association followers,  

Here is a link that the DEC is now using to identify HAB’s. 

More details will be discussed at the July 13th meeting.
NYS has instituted a new Harmful Algae Bloom interactive map.  The NYHABS site can be found here.  

Please note that the reported Harmful Algae Blooms indicated on this 
map  can be “suspicious”, “confirmed”, or “confirmed with high toxins” 
and are indicated as such on the map.

As per usual, the SLA WQ committee will add alerts on our webpage of 
confirmed HAB, only.
Please pass this information to friends and family on Silver Lake, TY.

Mark Emmerson SLA President

SLA June 2019 Meeting

On a beautiful Saturday morning there were 41 in attendance at the SLA June meeting. Everyone came to see PHS Teacher Todd Shuskey and 3 of his students give a presentation on the Water Quality testing they do in Silver Lake and show the equipment they use. Ron N. filling in for Frank B. while he was busy supervising the divers at Silverlaken, updated us on the new projects the SLA/C.L.E.A.N. will be involved with this year. The SLA committees did their reports, Bob C. distributed the flares and at the end everyone was off to enjoy the beautiful day. Thanks to all who attended the June meeting… Directors, Committee Chairs, guests and especially our Guest Speakers!

Updated information May 2019

The SLA has added the April 2019 Minute Summary to the website. Also, if anyone is interested in SLA or Silver Lake Embroidered merchandise you can click on the link on the top post to order yours items today. The order form will only be available until June 17th. The opportunity to purchase items again will not be available until May 2020.

The SLA May meeting was attended by 32 members and guests. Derek and April Orf promoted their new Lake Life Management Company on Silver Lake. Bert Gallmon gave the final details of the Silver Serpent Triathlon slated for June 2nd (volunteers and spectators encouraged!). Matt Jensen (VOP Administrator) updated the group on the renovations of Perry Public Beach and Silver Lake Trail. We welcomed the new SLA Secretary Brian Kinsman. The SLA WQ Chair Frank Bright gave another interesting presentation full of important information. The Committees of; Membership, Boat Parade Home Owners of Distinction, SL Sailing Club, Lake Wide Garage Sale, and our new SLA Merchandise line, all gave their reports. Our next SLA Meeting is June 8th. All are welcome to attend.