Water Quality Information

Planting Buffers helps Silver Lake Health

SLAWQ Presentation at 2017 SLE

SLAWQ_Annual Report_8-12-17

Modern fireworks are safe for the environment – What’s in fireworks, July 3, 2017 Issue

“Soil testing is easy and inexpensive through Dairy One” –

The Form-H and Form-H2 are required with the submitted soil sample.

Cover Letter 2014

2015 Silver Lake Water Quality Summary-CSLAP

2015 Silver Lake Water Quality Questions and Answers-CSLAP

2015 Silver Lake Score Card-CSLAP

2016 Silver Lake CSLAP Report 3-28-17


TTHM report Q1 2017

SLA WQ Report 4-8-17 v2

Tip 1. Benthic Mats

Tip 2. No Phosphorus

Tip 3. Trees for Tribs (1)

Tip 4. Flares

Tip 5. Harmful Algae Blooms

Tip 6. Prevent the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species

Tip 7. Properly Dispose of Garbage

Tip 8. Healthy Lawns & Healthy Lake Tip Sheet

Tip 9. Getting Answers from Local Municipalities Tip Sheet

Tip 10. Benefits of Natural Shorelines

Diet for a Small Lake

An abbreviated edition of “Diet for a Small Lake” is available to read online by clicking on this NYSDEC link, or the full version is available to purchase, the hardcopy ($25) or paperback ($15) edition from the NYS Federation of Lake Associations – www.nysfola.org. Click on the link below. Click on the “Community Page” tab, then click on “Books for Sale” from the drop down menu.


6-11-16_Silver Lake Association Water Quality Committee Report

This is an “Invasive Species Report” that was conducted in Silver Lake 2016.

Silver Lake Invasive Species Report (1)

2014 FX Browne Report Summary on Silver Lake

2014 FX Browne Presentation delivered to commissioning municipality

Complete 2014 FX Browne Report

Silver Lake Scorecard

Silver Lake CSLAP Summary

SLA Water Quality Handbook

Silver Lake Report FX Browne 1991

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