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Homeowner of Distinction Nomination Form

To be considered for the Homeowner of Distinction Award the nominated property should be developed and maintained by the property owner.

Nominated by ________________________ Phone#_______________

Name of Nominee_____________________ Phone#_______________

Tract Address________________________________________________

Summer mailing address______________________________________


Reason for Nomination

Description of the property and its qualifications to be considered for this award.

__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

Deadline for Nomination, June 30th

Please mail the completed nomination form to Homeowner of Distinction Chairperson:

Linda Holz, 6749Lakeshore Drive, Castile NY 14427

This award was established in 1997 to honor those property owners that practice environmentally sound property management. Since its inception twenty property owners have received this award. Some of the practices that should be considered are described below:

1. Avoiding commercial fertilizer; using slow release non-phosphorus/organic fertilizer.

2. Avoiding pesticides; using natural control methods, reducing application to one in the fall.

3. Using wood/mulch paths/porous asphalt for walks, decks, driveways where ever possible.

4. Not dumping sand to create a beach.

5. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products, i.e. borax, vinegar, baking soda.

6. Using proper storage/disposal of household hazardous wastes.

7. Does not dispose of leaves, grass clippings, etc. in the lake.

8. Composting organic waste such as leaves/plant remains in a system that does not drain into the lake.

9. The use of perennials and some annuals for sound soil management.

The winner(s) will receive the award(s) at the Annual Meeting of the Silver Lake Association 9am the second Saturday of August,

LOCATION: The Club on Silver Lake Restaurant.

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