Owners of Distinction Award Winners (cont.)

In an earlier post we congratulated the Rando Family and the Vrooman Family for being this year’s HOD Award Co-winners.  Here are the pictures of the beautiful landscapes on their properties and the criteria they followed to help preserve Silver Lake.

From curb appeal to lake side appeal and everything in between, the judges look for how the property owners on their own (no contracted work is allowed), have gardens which have soil holding capabilities and use environmental practices, (using fertilizers with “0” phosphorous, as an example).

The Rando Family have owned this property since 1976. They do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers on the lawn or plants. Watering and mulch to retain the moisture works best. Lots of TLC goes into taking care of the over 40 different bulbs, trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals.  The garden has constant color from early spring to fall.

The Vrooman Family have owned this property since 1998.  The 1/2 acre property has old growth trees and many soil retaining perennials.  They have added plantings over the years for a wider variety of plant species.  They now have over 60 different trees, shrubs, and perennials. The annuals are planted in pots and window boxes.  A goal of their plantings is to keep their landscape as close to nature as possible.  They use phosphate free fertilizer once a year on the lawn and does not apply within 50 feet of the lake shore.  No chemical pesticides are used.

Both families buy plants from local shops to keep plantings native to this area.

Rando Family Landscapes

Rando garden 4 (600x800)Rando garden 3 (600x800)Rando garden 2 (600x800)Rando garden 1 (600x800)                                                                                     Vrooman Family Landscapes

Vrooman garden 4 (600x800)Vrooman garden 3 (600x800)vrooman garden 2 (600x800)vrooman garden 1 (800x600)

2015 Home Owners of Distinction Award

The SLA congratulates the co-winners of the 2015 Home Owners of Distinction Award. Not only for the beautiful landscaping, but for helping keep the environmental integrity of Silver Lake.hod winners (800x600)

Stories of the SLA History

Chapters of the SLA history are now posted on this website under the tab “SLA History”.  Enjoy reading these chapters as you learn how dedicated the volunteers of this lake community were throughout the years (1961 – present).  If anyone would have a story to share about the history of the SLA, please write in under the “comments form” page.

The 2014 FX Browne Report of Silver Lake is now Available for Viewing

The 2014 FX Browne Report for Silver Lake is now displayed on the Water Quality page of our website.  For your convenience we have divided the report 3 ways; 1) The Report Summary; 2) The Presentation Delivered to the Commissioning Municipality; 3) and the Complete 2014 FX Browne Report.  If anyone should have any questions regarding this report, contact us through the “Contact Form” associated with this website.