Silver Lake WQ update of Algae Bloom

Good Afternoon –

 The CSLAP sample taken on 9/22/17 from the sampling point at the deepest point in Silver Lake CONFIRM the presence of an Open Water cyanobacterial HAB in Silver Lake based on blue-green chlorophyll a levels of ~38 µg/L (above the DEC Confirmed Bloom threshold of 25 µg/L) and a microscopic analysis of Trace Microcystis, Staurastrum.

 Toxin data are NOT yet available, but will be forwarded upon receipt IF they indicate an elevated risk.

However, even if the toxin levels are low, the same advisory information applies – lake residents, visitors and pets should avoid exposure to any surface scums or heavily discolored water, should seek medical assistance as needed if any exposure symptoms are experienced, and should report these symptoms to their local health department and to

 Any questions or comments may be sent to

As always, please consult the DEC ( and DOH ( web sites for additional information on what to do if you see or encounter blooms. The Silver Lake Association ( web site and Facebook page will also have updates.

As warranted I will report back to you.

This situation will eventually dissipate as conditions for bloom growth deteriorate.


Frank Bright

Co-Chair, SLA Water Quality Committee​

NYS Federation of Lakes (F.O.L.A.) News

FOLA will be holding their 23rd Region 1 meeting at The Club on Silver Lake Restaurant Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 10 AM.  Anyone interested in attending contact the SLA to be registered.  The $15 fee for attendees will also include Coffee, danish and lunch.  Deadline for registration is October 12th.

2017 Annual SLA Public Meeting

The SLA Annual Public Meeting will be held August 12, 2017, at 9 AM at the Club on Silver Lake Restaurant (upstairs).  The first hour will be dedicated to a mini Town Hall with Q&A as time allows.  Representatives from the surrounding municipalities will present information concerning the Lake District and beyond.  The Sheriff Department will also share information that involved boating/fishing on Silver Lake this summer.

All are welcome to attend!

2017 SLA Water Quality Golf Tournament

The inaugural Silver Lake Association (SLA) 2017 Water Quality Golf Tournament was held on Saturday, July 29th at the Club on Silver Lake and it was a huge success.  Eighty-seven golfers enjoyed the “Golf Perfect” day and supported funding the purchase of native plantings to be placed adjacent to key tributaries to help mitigate sediment and nutrient influx into Silver Lake. The sites-to-be-planted were identified with help from colleagues at the Wyoming County Soil and Water Commission.

Volunteers, led by Loren Penmen and Karen Norton, made sure everything ran smoothly from registration to the final basket raffle door prize awards.  Frank Bright (SLA Water Quality Committee Co-Chair) acknowledged the golf committee’s organizing skills that put together such a successful tourney and explained to the attendees how the tournament proceeds will be used. Mark Emmerson (SLA President) handed out trophies and prizes to golfers and lunch participants, including an award for “Longest Marshmallow Drive”. Rick Fish (Owner, Club on Silver Lake Golf Course and Restaurant) made 28 people very happy by calling their ticket number to win beautiful baskets that Silver Lake residents assembled and donated to this wonderful day of fun and comradery.

The Club efficient staff made sure more than 100 people were happy and did not go home hungry serving the delicious Roast Beef and dessert in spite the prolonged electrical power outage at The Club and nearby homes.  We repeatedly heard, “We can’t wait until next year”, confirming that the Water Quality Golf Tournament was a success. See you again in 2018!! 

The 4th Festivities and Boat Parade

You could not ask for more perfect weather for the “Ring of Fire” the Silver Lake Fireworks display and the Traditional Boat Parade!  New pictures are posted on our picture page and all the wonderful floats in the 2017 Boat Parade are available for viewing.  If anyone has pictures to share please send them in through our website or Facebook page!

SLA June Meeting Update

The SLA June meeting has come and gone. So much good information is shared. Everyone is invited to attend, come to our next meeting July 8th at 9 am at the Club.
Linda H. explains about the HOD, Wayne W. has his turn getting the boat parade organized, Frank B. does his thing for Water Quality. Robert C. explains Bronze and aluminum markers he makes held by Marci L. and Bob Blaures of Remax talked about Silver Lake and how fortunate we are to have an excellent and active association which is good for property values.  We are also looking for donations for our Basket Raffle being held at the Club on Silver Lake during our “First Ever SLA FUN Golf Tournament”.  For details or if you want to donate to the cause of Water Quality efforts of Silver Lake, contact the SLA.

Ice Cream & Water Quality

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What is better than ice cream when you are on a beautiful lake on a beautiful day?

June 12, 2017

For Immediate Release

Contact: Kelly Paganelli, 585-624-7805

Ice Cream Social & Water Quality Info Night

Planned for June 26, 2017, 5-7 pm

The Silver Lake Water Quality Committee invites the local community to an Ice Cream Social and Water Quality Information Night at the Charcoal Corral “Fiesta Room” in Perry, NY.

All are invited to review a variety of presentations involving Water Quality Issues on Monday, June 26th, 2017 from 5:00 pm -7:00 pm (Open House Style)

Ice Cream treats will be served. Questions, please email <> .

All Silver Lake Association members, community members and elected officials are encouraged to attend this free program

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Sailing Season is upon us!

A message from Jim Aker:

Hello all,
Message going out to Silver Lake Sailing Club members and a few new folks who are looking to get involved too. A good sign our mailing list is growing.!! I would like to have out first 2017 meeting next Saturday June 3. 11 am at the golf club on the back porch. Please bring issues / ideas to discuss.!!
See you all then
Thanks, Jim


Messages, information, and events will be posted on the Sailing tag of this website.

Another successful SLA meeting

Over 40 people attended our May meeting.  All the Guest Speakers were prepared to answer all the thought provoking questions on Water Quality issues.  The attendees were educated on invasive species, updated news on the Silver Lake Trail, activities the SLA WQ Committee are involved with in 2017, having stewardship volunteer committee checking boats before and after entering our lake at launch sites, and DEC projects with the agricultural community to help the health of Silver Lake.  Our meetings are always better with desserts!

Also pictured is a theme tray basket.  We are asking for donations for our Golf Tournament (details on our FB Page).  We are hoping for at least 25 donated basket for our raffle July 29, 2017 at the Club on Silver Lake!  All are invited to participate.

A garbage issue was brought to our attention.  People on certain private roads have designated areas to put their trash for trash pick-up.  If the garbage is put out too early it gives animals plenty of opportunity to make an undesirable mess.  Please be vigilant and work with your neighbors if you can not put your trash out no more than 24 hours before pick-up day.  Thank you for helping with this issue.  Keep Silver Lake and it’s community clean.





Our next meeting is June 10, we will not have guest speakers at this meeting.

FYI – Fertilize the correct way

Spring is here (I think!) and everyone is getting their properties ready to look beautiful for all to see. Please be mindful while wanting your lawns and flowers to look beautiful, do the correct way to keep our lake healthy!
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