September end of Summer Summary Meeting

The SLA September 14th meeting is set. SLA encourages all SLA members/residents to attend this informational meeting. Presentations of the Perry Beach Project, Silver Lake Trail update, lake water level operations, Pieces of Perry En Plein Air, Silver Lake Experience summary, Silver Serpent Triathlon plans, and Water Quality information including an update of dredging will be discussed. Silver Lake Marine, Silverlaken, Sailing on Silver Lake and information on other events will be shared. 
If you can spare the time once in a summer season, this is the meeting to attend. 
Our meeting is held at The Club at Silver Lake Restaurant at 9 AM (second floor). See you there!

September SLA Meeting

Editorial from the SLA President… 
(please take the time to read)
The SLA FB page and website are good resources to communicate to lake residents that have an interest in the activities and Water Quality information that affect all of us that use Silver Lake in one way or another. Our monthly meeting is the best way for a two way conversation and getting information first hand.
The SLA 2019 Annual meeting took the time to share “The Year in Review” of WQ projects, events, and future goals of Silver Lake. Your membership and support is at work to benefit our lake and properties. 
***SLA and C.L.E.A.N. partnering with; Perry High School students and Todd Shuskey Perry CSD Science Teacher, SUNY Geneseo, DEC, PAgES partnered with SUNY Buffalo, Wy Co Soil & Water, & local farmers all work together to continue the 58 year tradition of caring for Silver Lake.
***New, “away from the lake” and “near lake” planting projects that are supplemented by the money raised by the WQ Golf Tournament are being approved and implemented.
***SLA & C.L.E.A.N. are working together along with the local municipalities, Wy. Co. and the DEC, to move forward to approve the dredging project of the outlet and north end of Silver Lake. This is VERY important for the health of our lake.
***The Perry Public Beach and Silver Lake Trail projects are in progress.
***New equipment is being purchased to enhance our data collecting capabilities for studies and information.
All of these subjects will be discussed at the Saturday, September 14th, 2019 meeting with elected officials, business representatives, and involved organizations. Come be part of this very important informational meeting that affects the whole Silver Lake District. The meeting is held at The Club at Silver Lake Restaurant (upstairs meeting rm.) 9 AM. All are encouraged to attend. Ask your neighbors and friends that may not have the opportunity to use FB and the SLA Website to attend and be involved. TY

August Annual Meeting, WQ Report, Golf Tournament a Success

The June and July meeting minutes are now available under the SLA Meeting Minutes 2019 tab. The “Elections of Officers” and “Approval” of all new Board Members (Tract Directors) were completed at this meeting. The the President, 2nd Vice-President and Treasurer were voted in for another 2 year term. The August Water Quality report is also added to the WQ Reports tab. At the Annual Meeting the WQ Committee gave its Annual report summarizing the past year of projects, events, and activities.

The 3rd Annual Water Quality Golf Tournament was a huge success. We had 24 teams , perfect weather, 37 baskets, lots of prizes and everyone had a great time. Tournament proceeds will be used to purchase native shrubs and perennials that Association members will plant along a tributary identified by the Wyoming County Soil & Water Conservation District as a problematic run-off location. Native plants help to stem the influx of nutrients and sediment into the Lake.

The September 14th meeting at 9 AM held at The Club at Silver Lake Restaurant will be inviting local elected officials to share news of projects, activities, and events past, present and future involving the Silver Lake District. All are invited to attend.

New DEC Website to Report Algae Blooms

To all Silver Lake Association followers,  

Here is a link that the DEC is now using to identify HAB’s. 

More details will be discussed at the July 13th meeting.
NYS has instituted a new Harmful Algae Bloom interactive map.  The NYHABS site can be found here.

Please note that the reported Harmful Algae Blooms indicated on this 
map  can be “suspicious”, “confirmed”, or “confirmed with high toxins” 
and are indicated as such on the map.

As per usual, the SLA WQ committee will add alerts on our webpage of 
confirmed HAB, only.
Please pass this information to friends and family on Silver Lake, TY.

Mark Emmerson SLA President


Now you can support C.L.E.A.N. with tax deductible donations.

Silver Lake Public Beach Project Approved

Dear Friends,
You may know the good news but if not – I wanted to share that the village has been awarded $300,000 through the EPF grant program to support the Village Beach project.  I write both to share the news and also my gratitude for your support of the application. We had such broad-based support – over 25 letters written! The project’s support by our county leaders, our lake leaders and neighbors, our school, town and village leaders, by local families, by arts organizations and advocates, small businesses, and economic development partners all played a crucial role in conveying the importance of this project. 
Our state representatives did everything in their power, and Senator Gallivan’s endorsement of the regional significance of this free public access to Silver Lake through his recommendation of the $150,000 SAM grant we were awarded last year, helped to bring home the point.
You sent a strong signal about the local and the regional significance of this project and you took time out on short notice – always the way with grants – to learn about the vision and provide your support.
Even while we’ve been waiting, we haven’t been waiting! The Village hired a design firm this summer who have been working with a fabulous steering committee that has broad representation and knowledge. The team just finished schematic design for the beach. If you didn’t see it at the open house last month, the village will soon be posting it at our website.
So now we can fine tune it based on final funding (we had requested $500,000) and move efficiently into construction drawings this spring.
Thanks again – the time you took and the results it has brought is one more proof that Perry is a YES community!

____________________________Rick Hauser, MayorVillage of Perry

Graphical Interface for SL Temperature

The SLA with the help from Karl Hanafin created a nice graphical interface for the temperature sensor at Silver Lake.  Click on the URL.—station-1


The SLA’s New Invasive Species Disposal Station is now available

disposal stations 009 (640x360)Roland Beck, from the State Park’s Office at Letchworth, and the SLA WQ Committee worked together to make available this very important disposal station.   This will help alleviate the possibility of invasive species being transported into Silver Lake or from Silver Lake to another body of water.    The Invasive Disposal Station is installed at the State Public Launch at the South west end of Silver Lake.  Let us all do our part and use this valuable tool.