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DEC Checking Fish in Silver Lake

The DEC performed a “shock and net” at Silver Lake two nights last week (sometime the week of Oct.15-19) or before.  The first night they got blown off the water (high winds) then went out another night and received some results.  They were looking mostly for walleye they stocked a few years ago and came […]

Plantings Continue

Thanks to the SLA’s  WQ Committee and the dedicated volunteers the planting prep work was completed.  The planting of the 360 plants will take place Friday October 19th.  We are still looking for the green thumbs to assist with this project.  Contact the SLA if you are interested.  A special thanks goes to Elitsac for […]

Final Meeting of the Season

The SLA meetings are complete for the season but the work continues. Monday the WQ committee and the volunteers will begin the project of planting 375 plants in a tributary off of Smith Rd. Contact SLA if anyone would be interested in helping. Monday is prep day Friday we will plant. Private drive #1 project […]

Village of Perry Electrical Issues

It was brought to the SLA’s attention there are still electrical power issues on the east side of Silver Lake. Included is a sample letter you can use as a template. Send your complaint to the addresses included on the sample letter to try and get this issue resolved.  

Recipients of the HOD Award

Congratulations goes to Bonnie and Frank Bright for being the recipients of the SLA 2018 Home Owners of Distinction Award. A beautiful garden topped of with the best environmental practices that care for our precious Silver Lake. Job well done!!

2018 Annual SLA August Meeting

Here is a short synopsis of the SLA Annual August meeting held at The Club August 11th, 2018. The room was filled by the crowd of 54 attendees. Katie M. (Silver Serpent Triathlon), Bob C. (Conolly Printing, SLA Directory Publisher), Matt J. (VoP Administrator), were our Special guest speakers. Linda H. and committee presented the […]