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Recipients of the HOD Award

Congratulations goes to Bonnie and Frank Bright for being the recipients of the SLA 2018 Home Owners of Distinction Award. A beautiful garden topped of with the best environmental practices that care for our precious Silver Lake. Job well done!!

2018 Annual SLA August Meeting

Here is a short synopsis of the SLA Annual August meeting held at The Club August 11th, 2018. The room was filled by the crowd of 54 attendees. Katie M. (Silver Serpent Triathlon), Bob C. (Conolly Printing, SLA Directory Publisher), Matt J. (VoP Administrator), were our Special guest speakers. Linda H. and committee presented the […]

July 2018 SLA Meeting update

Our Guest Speakers at the SLA July meeting were Mallory Broda and Adam Fridman. Mallory is the Lead Steward of the Finger Lakes and Thousand Islands area. Adam is the Boat Steward at the Silver Lake Public Launch. Please show your appreciation to Adam when using the Public Launch Thursday – Sunday. He is a […]

“No Swimming” Buoy in Silver Lake

FYI to all… There were many inquiries about the new “No Swimming” buoy at the north end (just south of sandy point) of Silver Lake. This is the message I received…   The village of Perry, DEC, State or Sheriff Patrols are not responsible. Just found out it is Mt. Morris. This is where their […]

SLA and DEC can use assistance from SL residents

The SLA would appreciate help with this matter.   “DEC is investigating the dead fish at Silver Lake. They would be helped by having a semi-live fish of any kind (e.g., half dead, swimming upside down). If you can safely secure such a fish, net it and place it in a ziplock bag and put in […]