Water Quality Reports

The SLA Water Quality page now has the 2015 CSLAP and water quality reports.  Just click on the links provided on the Water Quality page of this site.

Lake Plantings Presentation 6/13/2016

At the June 2016 SLA monthly meeting our guest speaker Ellen Folts joined our Water Quality Co-chair Frank Bright and presented an informational water quality and plantings presentation to show how we can help preserve Silver Lake.  About 40 people were in attendance for this interesting program.  Click on this link to see what you can do.

6-11-16 SLA Lake Plantings Presentation

This link will also be displayed on the Water Quality page of this site.

Our June 2016 Water Quality report is also included:

6-11-16_Silver Lake Association Water Quality Committee Report

More SLA History Stories Added

New chapters were added to the SLA History of the 2000’s collection .  #32 Membership, #33 Website/computer, #34 SLA Directory, are this month’s stories. Enjoy the reading of this important era of the SLA.

SLA History Stories

The history of the SLA has been updated with 4 more chapters (#27 – #30). 

The final chapter (#52) is completed which finishes the 50 year history up to the year of 2011.  I hope that the reading was educational as well as entertaining for you as it was for me.  Comments that you would like to share about this story would be appreciated.

Eagles on a Frozen Silver Lake

This picture of the eagles on Silver Lake was taken by a resident and sent to me.  I put it on our SLA FaceBook page and it has received over 6600 hits in a couple of days.  Our FB followers increased by 46 (141).  Thanks to everyone that follows and shows interest in Silver Lake.  A few inches of snow and cold temps here at the lake, but the lake is still not frozen completely over.  I will keep everyone updated.

Gold on Silver Lake

The first ice over of Silver Lake this season didn’t happen until January 2016.  The picture was sent via the website from a lake resident.  She captured the beauty of this winter season. So spectacular!

Stories of the SLA History

Chapters of the SLA history are now posted on this website under the tab “SLA History”.  Enjoy reading these chapters as you learn how dedicated the volunteers of this lake community were throughout the years (1961 – present).  If anyone would have a story to share about the history of the SLA, please write in under the “comments form” page.

The 2014 FX Browne Report of Silver Lake is now Available for Viewing

The 2014 FX Browne Report for Silver Lake is now displayed on the Water Quality page of our website.  For your convenience we have divided the report 3 ways; 1) The Report Summary; 2) The Presentation Delivered to the Commissioning Municipality; 3) and the Complete 2014 FX Browne Report.  If anyone should have any questions regarding this report, contact us through the “Contact Form” associated with this website.