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MakingWaves – Don’t Flush Wipes; Pollution Prevention Institute Grants; Water Smart Landscapes

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation sent this bulletin on 05/15/2020 09:37 AM EDT

MakingWaves – News From the Division of Water
In this Issue:Don’t Flush Wipes or Other GarbageDeadline Approaching for Pollution Prevention Institute Community GrantsWater Smart LandscapesDon’t Flush Wipes or Other GarbageFlush ResponsiblyCertain materials flushed down toilets can damage sewer systems, wastewater treatment operations, or private septic systems, even when they are labeled as flushable. Correcting the damage is expensive, so do not flush any of the items listed below, no matter how small. Please throw them in the trash. diapersbaby wipesdisinfectant wipespersonal hygiene productsany paper products other than toilet paper (e.g., paper towels, facial tissues, paper napkins) Deadline Approaching for Pollution Prevention Institute Community GrantsThe New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I) is accepting applications for its Community Grants Program 2020-2021 for pollution prevention outreach and education projects. Eligible groups include community organizations and local government agencies based in New York State. The program is designed to support initiatives that raise awareness and understanding of environmental issues and that lead to adoption of sustainable practices. Applications are due May 29, 2020.Water Smart LandscapesWaterSense LogoDEC encourages landowners to consider planting water-smart landscapes to conserve water this summer. If you are designing a new landscape or rethinking your current one, EPA’s WaterSense webpages can help you plan your landscape and choose plants that are drought tolerant for your area. As an Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense partner, DEC encourages you to find ways to use less water.