September SLA Meeting

Editorial from the SLA President… 
(please take the time to read)
The SLA FB page and website are good resources to communicate to lake residents that have an interest in the activities and Water Quality information that affect all of us that use Silver Lake in one way or another. Our monthly meeting is the best way for a two way conversation and getting information first hand.
The SLA 2019 Annual meeting took the time to share “The Year in Review” of WQ projects, events, and future goals of Silver Lake. Your membership and support is at work to benefit our lake and properties. 
***SLA and C.L.E.A.N. partnering with; Perry High School students and Todd Shuskey Perry CSD Science Teacher, SUNY Geneseo, DEC, PAgES partnered with SUNY Buffalo, Wy Co Soil & Water, & local farmers all work together to continue the 58 year tradition of caring for Silver Lake.
***New, “away from the lake” and “near lake” planting projects that are supplemented by the money raised by the WQ Golf Tournament are being approved and implemented.
***SLA & C.L.E.A.N. are working together along with the local municipalities, Wy. Co. and the DEC, to move forward to approve the dredging project of the outlet and north end of Silver Lake. This is VERY important for the health of our lake.
***The Perry Public Beach and Silver Lake Trail projects are in progress.
***New equipment is being purchased to enhance our data collecting capabilities for studies and information.
All of these subjects will be discussed at the Saturday, September 14th, 2019 meeting with elected officials, business representatives, and involved organizations. Come be part of this very important informational meeting that affects the whole Silver Lake District. The meeting is held at The Club at Silver Lake Restaurant (upstairs meeting rm.) 9 AM. All are encouraged to attend. Ask your neighbors and friends that may not have the opportunity to use FB and the SLA Website to attend and be involved. TY