July 2018 SLA Meeting update

Our Guest Speakers at the SLA July meeting were Mallory Broda and Adam Fridman. Mallory is the Lead Steward of the Finger Lakes and Thousand Islands area. Adam is the Boat Steward at the Silver Lake Public Launch. Please show your appreciation to Adam when using the Public Launch Thursday – Sunday. He is a volunteer and an environmental studies student, checking water crafts going in and coming out of Silver Lake to help stop the influx of invasive species.
Frank B. shared another great presentation of all the projects past and future going on for Silver Lake (notes of the presentation will be shared soon). Wayne W. updated the group of over 40 attendees on the SLA Boat Parade, Bob C. filled us in on the flare sales of over 3000. Joe C. told everyone the SLA WQ Golf Tournament was filled to capacity and we are waiting for a few more donations for the Basket Raffle (contact Mark if you would like to make a basket donation). Tournament is set for July 21st. Linda H. will be announcing the Home Owner of Distinction Award at the Annual August Meeting. All members are invited to attend.