Spring is Right Around the Corner

The SLA is getting ready for the 2018 season.  Our newsletter will be sent out to our membership in the next few days (by February 5).  If you do not receive one please let us know.  Our first meeting will be held April 14, 2018 location TBD.  The 2018 Water Quality Golf Tournament will be held July 21, 2018.  A registration form is in the winter newsletter.  Soon to be available on this website and the SLA FB Page.  This year we may be looking for capable and skilled assistance to help upgrade our website and possibly put together informational documents to share with the SLA membership.  We have added the September and October monthly meeting minutes to the meeting portion of this site.  Last our members of the 2018 season will be receiving the Merchant Discount Coupons from 19 merchants this 2018 season.  An “Early Pay” form is available in the winter newsletter for the convenience of both parties!  Enjoy the rest of the winter and see you soon (when the weather is warmer).