Silver Lake WQ update of Algae Bloom

Good Afternoon –

 The CSLAP sample taken on 9/22/17 from the sampling point at the deepest point in Silver Lake CONFIRM the presence of an Open Water cyanobacterial HAB in Silver Lake based on blue-green chlorophyll a levels of ~38 µg/L (above the DEC Confirmed Bloom threshold of 25 µg/L) and a microscopic analysis of Trace Microcystis, Staurastrum.

 Toxin data are NOT yet available, but will be forwarded upon receipt IF they indicate an elevated risk.

However, even if the toxin levels are low, the same advisory information applies – lake residents, visitors and pets should avoid exposure to any surface scums or heavily discolored water, should seek medical assistance as needed if any exposure symptoms are experienced, and should report these symptoms to their local health department and to

 Any questions or comments may be sent to

As always, please consult the DEC ( and DOH ( web sites for additional information on what to do if you see or encounter blooms. The Silver Lake Association ( web site and Facebook page will also have updates.

As warranted I will report back to you.

This situation will eventually dissipate as conditions for bloom growth deteriorate.


Frank Bright

Co-Chair, SLA Water Quality Committee​